Individual Assessments

We carry out individual assessments for directors, managers and high-level specialists. We propose this approach either as part of a recruitment process, for an internal promotion or for an executive moving to new responsibilities.

Our assessments are characterized by a specific approach focused on personality. The assessment allows the candidates to learn more about their soft skills. In order to give an objective and consistent approach, we use a neurocognitive management tool called “Empreinte”©.

Our methodology and approach allow us to perform a comprehensive work with the candidates, aligned to the high level of requirements and the management position they are going to assume within the company.

The assessment helps the companies to get a deep understanding of the candidates, of their personality, their motivations and values, and to clearly identify their strengths and potential or their possible risks and their resistance to stress.

Thanks to our specific approach, the decision makers are able to clearly identify the contribution of the candidate for the expected performance.

Our sessions are adaptable according to the client’s needs and demands. They contain:

  • a preparation session with the customer in order to understand the expectations, identify and define the request;

  • an assessment day with the candidate (or half a day if middle management level);

  • the drafting of the candidate detailed report;

  • session with the client to provide comprehensive feedback on candidate.